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Japa is the repetition of a word or short sentence during the practice of meditation. The letter 'pa' stands for that which removes or destroys all impurities and obstructions and the letter 'Ja' stands for that which puts an end to the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, japa is an indirect means for liberation, moksha. By destroying the varieties of obstructions to knowledge, japa paves the way of liberation. Japa, then, is more than a mere discipline or technique.

These two talks will give you an understanding of the nature and logic of japa and how it works. With this understanding you will be able to do japa with conviction and handle it properly.


At any given time, you have only one thought and what your next thought will be is antone's guess. But when the next thought does occur, it will have done so because of some logic. There is no thought without a certain connection to the preceding thought. This connection may be flimsy or it may be very clear and logical. But the thought itself is never predictable.

Even now, I cannot predict what I am going to say. I simply said I would talk on japa, and I started. Even the words I am saying right now were not known to me. What is going to come is unpredicitable, but when it does come, it has a logic, a reason.

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