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Announcement 1:
All the classes at all the centres are cancelled up to 01.06.2020 (Monday). Information regarding the resumption of the classes will be posted at this site on 01.06.2020 (Monday).

Announcement 2:
Ongoing classes are cancelled, the date for the renewal of Global class membership from 01.04.2020 is suspended for the time being . The revised date will be announced on this site later.
Announcement 3:
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This is an exclusive page dedicated to host Swami Paramarthananda’s select ongoing classes in Chennai. The objective of this e-learning program is to make Vedic Knowledge available to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

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Latest three classes of Mandukya Bhashyam and Uddhavagita will be made available at this page.

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 Swamiji delivers  talks on special occasions such as New Year, Guru Poornima and Sivaratri. These talks are also available on the site

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