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Who We Are ?

Enter the portal of peace and happiness. This site offers you logic based techniques to improve the quality of every day life, by unleashing the infinite potential within you and by using the time tested bounty of Vedic Literature adapted for modern day living. Equipped with the right vision, turn your dreams of a joy-filled life, in harmony within yourself and with your environment, into a reality.


Jayama, the Founder

Jayama was the Co-founder of Yogamalika, Dayasagar Trust and Managing Trustee – Dayasagar Trust. Co-ordinated with Mantras special projects on Emergency Communication and Disaster Management. She rendered 21 years of following works:

Class Co-Cordinator:She maintained and co-ordinated all regular Swamiji’s class- centers in chennai.

Librarian: Started with Audio Tape Library and then CD and at the end Yogamalika Online Library.

Digitizing Project: Digital recording, Mastering, Archiving Swamiji’s Talks and co-ordinated for timely upload of free online classes for Vedanta Vidyarthi Sangha

She left us on 27.05.2017 after creating all necessary infrastructure for future generation.

As a Final Note: All classes(All the talks)the student may hear now or in future,Jayama’s hardwork and sacrifices will be invariably associated.