Visit our website to access ”My Global” classes NO CASH / CHEQUE / RTGS PAYMENTS

Vedanta Vidyarthi Sangha FREE classes can be accessed without Registration & Subscription.

We do not support download option for Free Classes & Subscription Classes

Announcement: Ongoing classes are cancelled, the date for the renewal of Global class membership from 01.04.2020 is suspended for the time being . The revised date will be announced on this site later. Pls do not send payment requests till further notice.

  Pls do not subscribe to the classes which are more than 3 weeks old (even though it may be available for subscription).
* Every time when you add a class to your library, one class will be deducted from your
credit limit.
* The corresponding audio tracks may not be available.
* After sending payment request, students are requested explain the name of the class & the location for which payment was requested to
[email protected]
Inside Global Classroom talks available only for 21 days for subscription. Once this period is over students will not be able to access to these classes. 

With effective 01 April 2019 students can access library through Self-Select method only (existing students should renew after 01 April 2019 to access self-select classes).

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Created : 01.06.2018
Last Updated: 19.04.2020

STEP 1: Reading E-Learn Information and
Registration for Global Classes (Refer video in front page)

   After reading E-Learn information and accepting the terms and conditions – One time registration is mandatory to procure a unique member number for each student.

  Post validation you will receive unique Member Number via email

  Use the received Member number and Password to subscribe to the available global classes

Subscribed online classes will be available for 21 days in your library.
* Existing members to follow from step number 3

Note: After successful subscription only members will be able to Login in with the username and password received during registration for Global Class Subscriptions.

Step 2: Subscribe – Types of Global class subscriptions – One year (April 1st to March 31st of any given year)

•  By clicking subscriptions button in our site you will be directed to our payment gateway page Login with the same credential which you have used in Yogamalika. Post Login select ‘’ button then select desired class type to proceed with the payment.
(Note: Hey Guroo!! Mobile option will be available only for the members who have already paid App subscription Fee after the final release.)

•  Indian Students: HDFC(All Banks Credit/Debit cards & Net banking) and PayPal(PayPal Wallet & All Banks Credit/Debit cards)
•  Global Students: Stripe (All Banks Credit/Debit cards only)

Indian Payment-HDFC:

Indian Payment-PayPal:

Global Student-Stripe:

Note: Students are requested not to use RTGS payment directly to our bank account. It is mandatory to use the subscription button ( for all your payments after logging in fill up the necessary information for payment. Link for your payment will be send to you after receiving your request. If you do not get the link within 48hrs, report this to [email protected].

See below for Available Global Class Credits you can buy & each credit is equal to one class:-

•  Global Subscription – 40 Classes/Credits
•  Global Subscription – 100 Classes/Credits
•  Global Subscription – 200 Classes/Credits

Available global classes: (Free classes can be accessed without registration and subscription)

Terms & Conditions:

For all payment options, following details are required. After payment, email us the below details to [email protected]

1. Amount
2. Account Number / Card Number / Transaction number etc., or any information related your payment for us to track and identify you and your payment (only for verification purpose)
3. No. of Classes opted
4. E-Learn member number

****E-Learning is completely digital transaction so no physical receipts will not be issued.

**** The above responsibilities are given to the student to mail the requested details to [email protected] only (do not copy any other id). Reporting your concern to any other person will not change the above procedure. We request all the members abide by the rules of e-learning and enjoy the learning process. Do not send irrelevant information’s to us. We will not respond nor reply to such emails and it will be classified as spam.


– If the student exhaust credits before 31st of March they should renew their subscription to continue listening.

– Request students to maintain minimum credit balance for uninterrupted listening

– In the end of 31st March of any given year all your unused credits become zero and you need to renew subscription to continue listening the classes.

STEP 3: Activation

  To activate your account its a one time request to send subscription details along with Member no. to [email protected] only.

  After receiving your mail with payment info we strive to activate your account within a 24-48 hours time frame, but currently we are experiencing very high email volumes so we apologize for any delay. Thank you for your patience and we will assist you ASAP.

  Pls try login to access your classes “Access Library”after the mentioned time frame 24-48 hours using the same User id and Password which you have used for subscription.


  About Recordings: Our classes are digitally recorded in live environment, so students may experience background noise.

  Cause of Delay: Recorded classes are uploaded after technical process therefore it may cause a delay in upload. Please be patient till the classes are uploaded.

  Change Password / Forgot Password: Both actions can be availed under Change Password Section in Home Page. Regarding password change, once you received the new password email alert, notify new password to [email protected]. Student requested for password change has to wait for a minimum of 48 hours or more for the change to take effect. We always recommend students to copy/paste the password sent to your email. 

  Payments: Credit / Debit card charges if any will be collected along with subscription charges.

  Subscription: Subscription is not transferable. The types of subscription cannot be transferred to other subscription eg., E-Learn cannot be transferred to YMCD, vice versa. Warning: When you make the payment pls select appropriate option before subscription.

  Refund Policy: Payment once made will not be refunded at any circumstances.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  Members are requested to keep up to date with the Message Board&Scroll Text(in Home page) for any latest information’s and updates before trigger an email to us.

  All the students should provide information’s regarding your subscription (Amount Paid/Credit Balance) and contact information whenever requested by Librarian or the representatives.

  The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person not adhering to the establishments E-Learn terms and conditions.
We reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to anyone.

YMCD Library :
  Don’t make payment for YMCD subscription before getting prior approval.
  This provision is for a restricted group of students in Chennai.
  Contact Librarian at following Locations directly for additional terms and conditions.
    Saturday & Sunday – Morning @ Astikasamajam, Chennai /Evening @ Bala Vidya Mandir, Chennai,
Tuesday – Morning @ Sankaralayam, Chennai

To make payment click on subscription tab at then login with your user name and password and select class type as ‘YMCD’ in the subscription page.

Terms and Conditions:
  Yogamalika YMCD is protected under copyright
  For single user license only
  Copying, Saving & Circulating the digital contents are prohibited
  Any violation will block access to YMCD library
  Membership will be terminated and fee will not be refunded