Announcement: Ongoing classes are cancelled, the date for the renewal of Global class membership from 01.04.2020 is suspended for the time being . The revised date will be announced on this site later. Pls do not send payment requests till further notice.

Gita-bhashyam Friday class completed on 31.01.2020.
Guided Meditation class started from 07.02.2020.

Warning: Pls do not subscribe to the classes which are more than 3 weeks old (even though it may be available for subscription).
*Every time when you add a class to your library, one class will be deducted from your credit limit.
*The corresponding audio tracks may not be available.

Every week selected talks from on going classes are added to this Global Classroom section below. At any point of time, three latest talks in each topic will be available(Refer E-Learn Information ‘Classes for Subscription’). You can add classes to your library after purchasing the suitable subscription package/credits (ref below box). Every time when you add a class to your library, one class will be deducted from your credit limit. Please note, if you choose and add an already added class again, that too will be counted as one class.
Types Of Subscriptions: One year (April 1st to March 31st of any given year)

  • By clicking subscriptions button in our site you will be directed to our payment gateway page, login once again to select desired class type and to proceed with the payment (No Cash / Cheque & RTGS Payments).
  • Any bank fee or card charges may apply, accordingly your credits will be reduced
  • Subscription non transferable
  • Payment will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions:For all payment options, following details are required. After payment, email us the below details to [email protected]

  • Amount
  • Account Number / Card Number / Transaction number etc., or any information related your payment for us to track and identify you and your payment (only for verification purpose)
  • No. of Classes opted
  • E-Learn member number
    ****E-Learning is completely digital transaction so no physical receipts will not be issued.
    **** The above responsibilities are given to the student to mail the requested details to the above id. Reporting your concern to any other person will not change the above procedure. We request all the members abide by the rules of e-learning and enjoy the learning process. Do not send irrelevant information’s to us. We will not respond nor reply to such emails and it will be classified as spam.
    Members are requested to read our E-Learn Information before proceed with Subscription. More details can be found in our Home page under E-Learn Information.